Eff yeah, octopodes!


Curled Octopus (Eledone cirrhosa)

Also known as the Lesser Octopus or the Horned Octopus, the curled octopus is a species of octopus that inhabits areas in the sublittoral zone in the Atlantic Ocean, English Channel, North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Like some other octopuses E. cirrhosa feeds mainly on crabs and other crustaceans, feeding mainly on Homarus gammarus, Nephrops norvegicus, and Cancer pagurus.


Animalia-Mollusca-Cephalopoda-Octopoda-Octopodidae-Eledone-E. cirrhosa

Images: Comingio Merculiano and Bernard Picton

Octopus marginatus (?)

Octopus marginatus (?)


Octopus Eggs by jalbersmead on Flickr.

Octopus Steals a Camera


Alien by Alexander Semenov on Flickr.